Multi-lingual, interactive, animated, audio/video enabled Apple Book version of Nighthawk and Little Elk in English, German, Coast Salish Halq’emeylem, Plans Cree, Inuktitut. Available at Apple Books only.

Two ancient tribes. Two precious children. One wicked foster mother who really is a witch. A desperate escape. An evil spell. Three transformations. A kind and generous warrior. A powerful medicine woman. An insightful course of action…

A timeless tale of injustice and redemption, spun together from the sentiments of a very old Grimm Brothers folk tale, an ancient indigenous legend, and some not so ancient misguided historical events.

A medley of age-old tales in a contemporary setting, told with a few ounces of suspense, a pinch of magic, a little humour, a big word or two for good measure, and a few contentious issues, finely ground.

An artful book for all ages that is designed to inspire conversation.